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Jul. 5th, 2011

Penguin life

Another random update!

Bonjour :)

It's been months since my last update! (like usual...) And also like usual, so much has happened, lol.
We moved into to our house a month and a half ago and are settled in nicely. The cats took to it immediately - they slunk around the whole place for 20mins and have since been fine.
We also got out PUPPY, a German Shepherd named Kratos (AKC reg'd name is Appleridge Kratos Ghost of Sparta). He's named after the main character from the video game God of War. He's pretty sweet, easily socialable and came with basic crate training.
Things have been good with him. Working on typical puppy things: house training, nipping, not chasing cats...

Work's still going very well. Got some vacation in a couple of days... Not going anywhere. Just relaxing at home - as relaxing as training a 9wk old puppy can be! We're also dogsitting my boss' Wheaten, Bisou. She's very well trained so it's nice to have her as a role model for Kratos. But he also uses her as a chew toy, so...

Anyway. I never know how in to detail I should go when I update. There would be a novella if I wrote out everything in emotional detail! Just know things are pretty good (except my laryngitis >:( ) up north here and that I'm still lurking around LJ occasionally :)


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Feb. 11th, 2011

Greece leap

(no subject)

We bought a house last weekend and finally have made all the arrangements to finalize it (mortgage, lawyer, house inspection, insurance, etc)... We're both very, very, very excited.
And then my Grandpa died last night.

He'd been in the hospital for a week now, having come and gone a few times the few weeks prior. My mom called yesterday around 9:30 to say he wasn't doing well and could go in the next few hrs or days. I didn't work till 11 and called in.
I joined my parents at the hospital, my sister coming in around 1. A priest, at our request, came and read him the sacrement of the sick. My grandpa knew what was happening, nodded when the priest introduced himself and tried to make the sign of the cross. Even though he couldn't communicate well, we knew he would be happy that it was done.
Around 5pm my dad finally convinced my mom to leave for 5 mins as he was just given some more sedative/pain control. He's had congesitive heart failure for 25+ years, so all day he was rattling with every breath. A couple mins later my sister and I both looked at him at the same time b/c it was getting quieter... she grabbed the nurse and I ran to the sitting area to grab my mom.
We made it back just in time for his last few breaths. It was the first time my sister and I ever witnessed someone die.

I'm relieved now that he's gone as he's had a rough 6mos or so. He's 89 1/2 yrs old, outlived all his siblings and their spouses, except one brother-in-law somewhere in BC.

We weren't very close, he was very hard of hearing and sort of shut down b/c of it, but I'll miss him and his amusing anecdotes.
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Feb. 4th, 2011



So it's been 10 MONTHS since my last update!

Holy crap so much has happened... Work still good (some major drama last autumn, but that blew over quickly and now things are better than ever!), cats are happy and healthy.

Steve and I got engaged last month! We looked at rings in December (maybe Nov?) so I knew it was coming sometime. We went out on a random Tues for date night at a bistro downtown Ottawa, which we'd been having for a few months, and he kept stalling at the end. Finally 9pm hit and he was all, "Let's head out". I ran down to the bathroom, came up and out the bistro's front window I could see a horse!
We walked outside and BAM. Horse and white carriage with red seating. It was beautiful <3 So we covered ourselves in 2 huge fleece blankets and rode around for 1hr throughout the city, in front of Parliament, etc. All the city's Christmas lights were still on all the trees and the main Parliament buildings had giant snowflakes projected on the wall... let's see if I can find a picture on Google...

Isn't it gorgeous??

So yea. It was a wonderfully romantic proposal :)

Since then we've met with a realtor (love'im!) and are seriously house searching. I'm tired of this apartment stuff, wasting my money every month.
We have two great prospective places (next door to each other!) for tomorrow to check out. We saw one of them Tuesday night, LOVED IT, but heard an offer was put down by someone else on Wednesday. Poop! Steve didn't want to go into a bidding war just b/c someone else is interested in it, but it's still listed as 'active' online, so I'm assuming it didn't go through? Who knows.
So yes. It's all exciting and thrilling.

I'll try to update more often!

Love and pickle juice,

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Apr. 24th, 2010



Hey guys,

I'm thrilled to announce that I bought my first car today! A 2004 Hyundai Elantra, all the options I want (cruise, a/c, ABS, etc), low mileage (only 78k), good tires, clean and so on and so forth. And it's cranberry red, which is actually a big plus as soooo many cars - esp. used! - are freakin' silver. I love red, so this is awesome.

My last update was almost 3 months ago when we had Kayla, a pregnant foster cat who was ready to pop, but was massively sick. Well, she ended up giving birth to 5 babies (I won the bet), 4 boys and 1 girl. They all had different fur colouring and we only saw had them for a few hrs before bringing them to the Humane Society b/c mum had the 5th baby in her and was too weak to push him out. Mom ended up having Calici virus (ulcers throughout her mouth and down her throat), hence the reason she always gagged. Well, having no cure and transferrable to the babies, they were euthanized.

We scrubbed the whole 2nd bedroom and bathroom, and 4 days after Kayla was put down we got a mom with 3 healthy babies, around 2-3 wks old. We still have the babies - they've grown SOOO much! And they're all just fantastic :) Mom, however, randomly got some sort of post-partum depression and stopped eating. So we force-fed her, etc, and she ended up with liver failure (hepatic lipidosis related) and so my coworkers and I assume she had some sort of disease that got her while her body was working to keep the babies fed. They were at an age to start eating on their own, so they've been fine since. Eva took them under her wing (or paw?) right away but always battled with the urge to either love them or tackle them in play.

And I am keeping my job! I was told about a month ago, so it's been nice to go to work knowing that I don't have X amt of days left. And Steve's been working for Minto (a housing company that's building up Ottawa like the own the place, which they practically do) for a month now which is FANTASTIC as he hadn't worked at all, really, in 3 months due to his prior boss being a jerk.

Florida is definately a go for all of us and now we have my new car to drive there in <3 <3 <3 Something crappy is that Universal Studios has a Harry Potter opening 'Spring 2010', yea? Well, I assumed it'd be open a month or a couple weeks or something by the time we got there... but no, it's opening June 18th - the DAY BEFORE WE LEAVE! Ugh. Oh well... maybe some other time.

So yea, that's my update for now... I'll check up on you guys on the f-list. Laters!

Mar. 2nd, 2010

Penguin life

Random update

Hey guys!

I'm heading to work in about 1/2 hr so I can't make this post too long (though I'm sure it'll be sufficient)!

We've had a few foster kittens since being in this apartment 9ish mos now and have had 8 kittens (mostly doubles, two singletons). Well, right now is our first adult cat -- a pregnant mama!! The babes are due anytime, really... probably within a week, no more than 2. She's really quite sweet and just wants to be petted and loved... well, that is until she got a massive respiratory infection :S
So now she's usually under the bed or in the nesting box I made her, sneezing, hacking like Gollum and breathing like Darth Vader. She's mouth-breathing (a bad thing for cats) and gagging on most her food. She's not eating on her own so we're forcing appetite stimulant meds down her throat and then following it with food 1/2hr later when she still doesn't eat on her own (she's only taken a few kibbles/licks without help), and also giving her antibiotics and also subcutaneous fluids (like IV fluids, but given under the skin for large doses at once) daily.

We're only on day 2 of medication and already I have two bite marks on my fingers from cramming pills down her mouth. I have no idea what's making her gag constantly and so easily - maybe the babies pushing on her diaphragm when she's already nasaly and snotty? Just opening her mouth causes her to go into a fit, making all of the above quite difficult!

Our happiness and the thrill of babies soon has sort of been stomped on for now until she gets better. Probably in a few days she should be back to eating on her own (hopefully) at least. That's my biggest concern. Those kittens are ready to come out soon - we can feel them moving inside when we rub her belly (which she LOVES). I just hope to God she keeps them in until she's feeling better because I sure don't feel like hand raising that many kittens (I assume 4-6 inside, Steve thinks 2-3) any time soon.

Anywho. Otherwise things are ok. Work is good - had a crazy busy week 2wks ago, but it's quieted down some since... almost boring at times! Nothing compared to January's boredom though. Ugh, the whole veterinary world hits a slump that month (post-Christmas time, everyone gets their Visa bills, etc).

We're looking at driving to Florida this coming June. My mat-leave is up then and even though they're trying to find a way to keep me, I don't think they'll find something I'll be happy with. So we're all waiting on me to find out when the woman I'm covering is coming back before they can all book time off. It's only 3-ish months away. She should know by now what her plans are (take another month? go back earlier? not come back?) and I don't feel 100% comfortable calling her up and asking.

Anyway - I must go to the bank before work, so I'll leave it at that. So many other things to talk about....

Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone and I'll talk to you later!


Feb. 24th, 2010

Penguin life


Not gonna lie -- I haven't posted a good update since November or something ridiculous...

But I am just so, so, so, so, so happy and proud of my country for their amazing games so far, the hosting and just the all around kickass-ness that we've showed. Tonight our men's hockey team beat Russia (Ovechkin, Malkin and Kovalev (who's on my Sens team <3) - all amazing NHL players! I was a little worried for before the game), we won silver in women's 3000 relay, gold and silver in bobsled and bronze women's speed skating.

I mean... holy crap. All that in just a manner of hours tonight. WOW. I am beyond amazed at how my countrymen/women are performing.

Otherwise things are going well here. I just got my G license (procrastinator, like usual) - it's my final driving license. You start with a G1 after writing a test to practice driving, then G2 which is regular driving with some restrictions, then G which has no boundaries (ex. alcohol level, number of people in the car, etc). So now it's back into car shopping...

Freaking out a little about because my maternity leave position at Greenbank is over in June - and I know they want to keep me hardcore, but there's nothing they can do. We all fit together wonderfully and it's just a perfect match. It's so upsetting to be unable to do anything about it, really. My manager told me they were looking for a way to keep me, which is extremely flattering, but I can't see a way I can stay.

But yes... perhaps a better update sometime soon!


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Nov. 24th, 2009


Good day!

Hello everybody!

I just looked back and haven't posted since starting my new job at Greenbank Animal Hospital! (I'm pictured there ;))

I'm going to the OHS to pick up a new foster kitten - will be back to continue in a bit!

So after much confusion (the one I was to get was MIA, though my name was on its cage - it's now empty) we have a teeny little lady, no name yet. She scared and hissing at me, but if I put her on my lap and pet her (esp. her back) I'll have her purring and rolling over in seconds. Put her back on the floor and she's scared of me again and hissing. So silly. And she's got a hard, large worm belly. Hopefully the deworming they gave her today will help, but I know it's one you need to use consecutively... so if in a few days she's still rotund, I'll have to email them.

This is our 4th foster since being in our new apartment (moved in last May-June). They're the cutest things.

Work is going well. Hopefully I'll be able to stay on past my maternity position. The technician I'm replacing is having a fantastic time at home and isn't 100% sure she wants to return right away. And two other techs got married this summer. One for sure won't have a child within the next few years whereas the other one loves children so damn much that she might. Who knows. Or maybe one will move, get another job, etc.
My 3 month review was amazing, and the bosses love me so much they're upset it's a mat leave position. So yea. Here's hoping!

Other than work, things are pretty good. Steve and I are doing swell, no big complaints there (there are always complaints, of course, but nothing to bitch to/bore you guys with ;) ). The family's doing well all around. The weather is getting colder. It's been foggy for a few days.

There's just so much detail I could be getting into about the last 6mos, but we'd be here forever and I have to leave in 10 mins for work!

I've been lurking for a while. Hopefully I'll post updates more than 2-3x/year! I need to finish getting ready and pop in to see the little lady before I go.

Until next time!


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Jun. 23rd, 2009



I need to edit my earlier post... but figured I'd just write a new one.

Today was my last day.

I've been messing up left, right and centre at home and at work. Steve and I have gotten into a few extra arguments, I'm exhausted every weekend and weeknight, I got a massive migraine with all the fixin's on the weekend (my first since starting Chiropractic 3yrs ago), I'm clumsier than usual, I've barely worked out this month unlike the daily exercise Jan-May, et cetera, et cetera.

My boss took me aside 35 mins into work today to talk. She said I've been screwing up bad and I really have. She said it's one of two things: sabotage or burn-out. She knows it's burn-out. And after a lengthy talk, I know it's burn out too. I've taken only 4-5 days off the past 12 months. I've been needing a vacation for months now, but haven't due to how busy things were and now everyone else has their vacations booked and I had to wait till August. Starting my new, much busier job in a couple weeks, I won't get vacation until the fall because 2 or 3 people are getting married and everyone else has their vacation booked through the summer.

So basically she's giving me this week off. I had put July 1st (Canada Day) as my last 'day'. She said I could take the Monday-Tuesday, too. But now since I've made some major fuck-ups, she can see that I'm truly exhausted and, well, burnt-out.
To help me in my new job and keep me from looking like a dumb-ass (my boss' words) she's giving me extra time to relax.

And I'm so happy for it.

Tammy leaping


I got the job.

Friday is my last day at my current job.



Jun. 10th, 2009

Penguin life

Stuff and such things

Hey guys :)

So, sadly, we had to bring Annie & Roxanne (our latest kittens) back to the OHS today :( They were spayed when we got them, but had respiratory infections which is why we got them. So they were healthy after only a short 10 days with us. I don't think I posted pics, eh?

Well... we already have another kitten! She's only about 4ish weeks old. She's the smallest we ever had! I'm still trying to choose a good name. I'm in between Darla (the psycho niece in Finding Nemo) or Delilah. I'm leaning towards the latter. She's passed out and collapsed on my left arm, so all this is being typed with one hand!

I was at a conference last night on pet obesity and sat at a table with a few girls from the clinic we brought Tammy to, and the one I did co-op at 7 yrs ago. I commented that I loved the place and jokingly asked if they were looking for a tech. And they are! So long story short (and it's a loooong story) I brought in my newly updated cover letter/resume and ended up getting interviewed on the spot! They called in a vet to be part of the interviewing and sat there with the practice manager and 2 vets after a quick tour of the hospital.

I'm going back next week for 2 working interviews (to work around my work schedule) and so things look very hopeful so far. One of the other techs there worked.=ulllllllll88888ffffffffuuuuu0 (the kitten woke up) worked at the clinic I'm at now so they already know what to expect from me in terms of what things I'll need training on, etc.
So yea. I'm VERY hopeful! I love this place ♥

Anywho... here are some pics of Annie and RoxanneCollapse )

So that's all I have to update on these days... Hope you enjoyed the pics and keep me in mind (cross your fingers) for a damn good job opportunity!

Talk to you guys later!


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